Erasmus+ KA1 Mobility for Teachers and Staff

Erasmus+ KA1 Mobility for Teachers and Staff

ERASMUS+ Funding

An exceptional opportunity awaits!

Erasmus+ KA1 Mobility for Teachers and Staff offers a unique chance for educators, headmasters, career advisors, trainers, and HR professionals to engage in international courses across various European countries. Your organization has the flexibility to apply for multiple slots in the same training course.

Funding Options

Participants typically secure funding through the EU Erasmus+ program, which generally covers all essential expenses such as travel, accommodation, and tuition fees for our courses. Although most participants benefit from Erasmus+ grants, our professional development courses are accessible even without this specific funding. Costs can also be covered by alternative projects, schools, or individual participants.

How to Apply for an Erasmus+ Grant?

The new Erasmus+ program runs from 2021 to 2027.

Applying for Erasmus+ might seem overwhelming initially due to the multiple steps involved. However, once the initial steps—creating an account, obtaining an OID number, and gaining accreditation—are completed, the process becomes significantly easier.

To apply for funding, you need:

1. EU Login account: This allows access to all online applications.
2. OID number (Organisation ID): Required for submitting applications.
3. Erasmus Accreditation: Accredited organizations have simplified access to KA1 funding opportunities.

Steps to Apply for Erasmus+ Funding

1. Select a course: Choose an Erasmus+ course that aligns with your goals, such as soft skills development, empowering educators, digital competencies, STEM promotion, or early childhood education. Pre-registering for a course with us helps establish a partnership with your national agency.
2. Consult national agency documents: Follow the guidelines provided by your national agency, as they will evaluate your application. Our special webpage, Erasmus+ by Hungary Expert Support, offers practical tips and the latest insights to help you prepare a high-quality Erasmus+ mobility.

3. Complete the application form online: We recommend filling out the form well in advance and keeping a backup copy on your local computer. Note that there are usually only one or two deadlines each year, so timely submission is crucial.

4. Submit your application: All files are submitted online to your national agency.

5. Wait for results: Check your national agency’s website for results, typically published in late spring or early summer (May, June).

6. Notify us of positive feedback: Once you receive a positive response, inform us so we can confirm your chosen course date.

7. Sign the contract: After receiving grant approval, you’ll need to sign a contract with your national agency. It generally takes about two months from approval to grant transfer to your organization.

Grant Approved? Here’s What’s Next

We’re thrilled to hear when your grant is approved and you’re ready to plan your visit! Informing us early secures your place in the course.

We’ll confirm if your chosen course has met the minimum number of participants. Once confirmed, you can proceed with booking your travel and accommodation.

Pre-Course Preparations

In the final two months before the course, we will maintain regular communication. You will receive a detailed training schedule from the group coordinator, which can be tailored based on your input.

Preparation Materials

Four weeks prior to the course start date, we’ll provide you with preparatory materials, including an Infobooklet to facilitate your course engagement.

Invoice and Payment

Four weeks before the course begins, an invoice will be sent. Payment should be made to our bank account no later than one week before the course starts.


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