JUTAKI Ltd. - Hungary Expert for Teachers and Students

Empowering Education Across Borders

Welcome to JUTAKI Ltd. - Hungary Expert for Teachers and Students, your trusted partner in fostering educational excellence and international collaboration. As Hungary's premier expert for teachers and students, we specialize in delivering professional assistance at the highest level to schools, facilitating exciting European-themed, modern, and exceptionally professional international trips for both staff and students.

From conceptualization to execution, we stand by educational institutions throughout Europe, offering comprehensive support in organizing enriching experiences. Our commitment extends from the initial idea to Erasmus+ application writing, meticulous mobility planning, and flawless execution.

Our Diverse Range of Services:

  1. Educators and Teachers: Providing services and training to enhance professional development and keep knowledge up-to-date in the education sector.
  2. Adults: Offering further training, professional development, and skill acquisition for individuals transitioning from classrooms to new learning opportunities in their careers.
  3. Educational Institutions and Schools: Assisting in the dissemination of educational programs and consulting services, enabling institutions to expand and internationalize their offerings.
  4. Students: Organizing foreign mobility programs, including short and long-term mobilities and internships, for students in school education and vocational sectors.
  5. Training Organizations and Adult Education: Active in adult education and training, supporting professional development and knowledge expansion.
  6. Foreign Student Groups and Partner Schools: Participating in accommodating foreign student groups in Hungary and fostering relationships with international partner schools.

Our Distinctive Strengths:

  • Expertise: With over two decades of experience and comprehensive professional knowledge, our experts navigate the challenges of education, international mobility, and adult education with finesse.
  • Networks and Partnerships: Extensive connections and partnerships in international education facilitate the organization of mobility programs and support the learning journey of students and educators.
  • Administrative Resources: A dedicated administrative team ensures smooth operations, professional application preparation, and organized travel arrangements.
  • Financial Resources: Financial strength enables the financing of programs, travels, training, and ongoing operations.
  • Infrastructure: Well-equipped with technical infrastructure for efficient administrative work, negotiations, and distance learning programs.
  • Service Provider Network: An extensive network aids in finding travel arrangements, accommodations, educational institutions, and training opportunities.
  • Organizational Skills: Proficient organizational skills ensure the seamless execution of mobility programs.

Our Success Stories:

  • 250+ Hungarian local partner schools
  • 80+ partner schools and course providers EU-wide
  • 3500+ participants in teacher training courses
  • 150+ student group mobilities

Mission Statement:

At Hungary Expert, our mission is to connect the nations of Europe, fostering understanding and embracing European values among teachers and students. 

We uphold:

  • Collaboration and Unity
  • Innovation and Creativity
  • Community and Tolerance
  • Commitment and Quality
  • Experience and Internationalism

Our Commitment to You:

Collaborate with us to build a community where learning and development become genuine experiences. Our tailored proposals leverage technological innovations and creative approaches to meet your specific needs, selecting destinations, content, and methods most effective for your students and educators.

Sustainability and Social Responsibility:

We are dedicated to sustainability and social responsibility, ensuring that our constant development and innovation contribute to the success of students and educators, making us an effective and ethical partner for the future.

Embark on a journey of educational excellence with Hungary Expert. Let us assist you in creating impactful internationalization initiatives for your institution, preparing students and staff for future challenges and opportunities.