Sándor Dobos

Sándor Dobos

Teacher and head of mathematical department

Sándor Dobos is a teacher and the head of the mathematical department of Fazekas High School, Budapest. Approximately 1100 students attend Fazekas every year, 600 of them are students of the high school. During the previous years and decades, this school was on the top in Hungary in the following ranking:

  • 1st place in the ratio of students progressing to higher education (100%);
  • 2nd place in the ratio of students in the National Olympic teams in Maths, Physics and Informatics.

Fazekas Gimnázium is acknowledged to be the best of the Hungarian high schools, normally giving not only the winners of the Math Competitions of the country but most members of the Hungarian Team at the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO), too. Sándor Dobos is the coach of the Team. He has been doing the preparation for 25 years, leading the central problem-solving seminars, the three-week summer training camps before the IMO, preparing and grading the team selection tests. Moreover, he has been organizing a common winter training camp for the squad of the United Kingdom and Hungary (20-20 students) since 2000. 

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