Luca Nagy

Luca Nagy

Educator, Storyteller, Life Coach, Mediator, Mentor

Luca Nagy is an educator, creative-development metamorphoses storyteller, life coach, mediator, and storytelling self-awareness mentor.

In her storytelling programs, she conveys the pure experiences preserved by fairy tales to story listeners who want to develop. She tells stories about old-time people, as well as about ourselves.

She has nearly twenty years of experience as an educator and has taken many creative personal development courses.

She is an OH card instructor and Kundalini yoga instructor, her treasure chest contains:

  • Tibetan sound bowls, 3in1 Concepts, EDU kinesiology, drama games,
  • EMK - non-violent communication training, coach approach, and cooperative techniques.

Her specialties:

- Museum Tales at the Ferenczy Museum - self-awareness programme on a monthly basis

- Story Walks for adults in Szentendre - self-awareness walks in the city 

- Storytelling for adults - self-awareness group sessions 2 hours 

- Fairytale night - musical, improvisational fairytale performance - RS9 Theatre